Thursday, 18 August 2011

My Favorite Drink

everybody have their own fav drinks/baverage aite? so do I. as for me, my fav is MOJITO =) 
p/s: virgin one a.k.a non alcholic

me having perfect mojito @ Italiannies,Sunway Pyramid

me again having double perfecto mojito @ G hotel, Penang

another place that drowned me with its best mojito is :

actually the pronunciation of mojito is mohhito. the H sound u knowww. when i go mamak or normal restaurant, of coz there's no mojito. so ill drank lime juice, ice lemon tea n anything tht hv sour taste =))

as u know i eat a lottttttt so i always drink lime to burn my fats. (yeah i hope so)

u can try it if u want! its easy i tell u. jz need lime, mint leaf,ice n water. but here i share with u two recipes i got from Google. the easy way n the hard way. enjoy trying k!


                                                   kalaw jadi kan, tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

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