Thursday, 18 August 2011

My Favorite Drink

everybody have their own fav drinks/baverage aite? so do I. as for me, my fav is MOJITO =) 
p/s: virgin one a.k.a non alcholic

me having perfect mojito @ Italiannies,Sunway Pyramid

me again having double perfecto mojito @ G hotel, Penang

another place that drowned me with its best mojito is :

actually the pronunciation of mojito is mohhito. the H sound u knowww. when i go mamak or normal restaurant, of coz there's no mojito. so ill drank lime juice, ice lemon tea n anything tht hv sour taste =))

as u know i eat a lottttttt so i always drink lime to burn my fats. (yeah i hope so)

u can try it if u want! its easy i tell u. jz need lime, mint leaf,ice n water. but here i share with u two recipes i got from Google. the easy way n the hard way. enjoy trying k!


                                                   kalaw jadi kan, tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

Friday, 3 June 2011

this is it !

so yooooooooooooooooo! whats uppppppppp? miss anyss in da houseeeeeeeeeee! hehheeh ok well. this is like my 2nd blog. my 1st blog is, missanyss4sure. but its kinda different for this 2nd blog coz ill wrote about FOODS ! yeahhhh food blog ! actually i wanted to wrote this for so long but ive got no time. but since im having semester break til September, ill try hard k to share with every1 about FOODS! hehe btw next semester i hv a subject on food science. sound cool aye? XD

as for today, i only manage to do this blog's banner. trust me it takes like 4hours to find back some of my pictures in laptop and facebook eventho its just a simple one. i will proceed with other material soon. follow me okay! i will follow u back! n ill promise to make u guys crave,hungry,drooling and etc. muahaahahah *evil laugh* so stay tuneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! thank you xoxo~!